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Stream TV channel to your Mobile Phone from Home

I subscribed to local satellite TV but I seldom watch it due to my travelling nature. So I pay MYR100.00 every month for nothing. Frustated by this situation , I developed a system where I can watch my TV on my Blackberry anytime and anywhere.

This tutorial is quite technical and I assume you have these knowledges

  1. Ability to map incoming port 1935 from your router to you streaming server ( NAT )
  2. Understanding how Flash RTMP works

To make this run, I assume you too have these hardwares

  1. Capture Card ( I use K-World USB 2.0 Capture Card )
  2. Broadband Internet
  3. Dedicated PC as Encoder

For softwares, please download them all

  1. Wowza Media Server for Windows ( )
  2. Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder ( )

Step 1 : Install Wowza Media Server

  1. Read the guide over here ( )
  2. Install Wowza Media Server on your windows and run the server. In my case, I install Wowza on D:\wowza
  3. Run the server by running D:\wowza\bin\startup.bat ( using Windows Explorer )
  4. You should have this console running up
  5. To test your Wowza running perfectly, open your browser to http://localhost:1935

Step 2 : Install & Configure Adobe FMLE 3.2

  1. Adobe FMLE is a free encoder that convert your raw input video to Flash H264. Means, your video source needs to be converted into Flash compatible video before sending it to the server.
  2. Enter the setting on adobe FMLE like in the picture below
  3. Tick Stream To Flash Server
  4. FMS URL : rtmp//localhost/live/
  5. Stream : myStream
  6. Click Connect button
  7. See the result on Wowza Console . You should see INFO session connect Means you successfully connected to the server
  8. Ok, now click the Start button on FMLE. You should see the result like image below
  9. And on the Wowza Console Screen, you should see the message
    INFO stream publish myStream –
  10. Congratulation, now you’re streaming to the server. But how to test the stream ? Navigate to D:\wowza\examples\LiveVideoStreaming\client and open live.html using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome . Enter the setting like in the image and click Play.
  11. At this stage, you are actually half way done. Now to enable your streaming server available from internet. You’ll need to map your router ( Streamyx Router in my case ) to IP of your machine. Any incoming request on port 1935 should mapped to your machine.  In order to do this you will need to know your machine ip address and map it on the router. You’ll need google for this.
  12. After successfully doing that, you can check you Public IP Address using ( ) and repalce the localhost address to your actually IP Address and click Play again. Or maybe you can zip the LiveVideoStreaming folder and give it to your friend to test it out.

Stream To Mobile ( BlackBerry )

  1. Wowza already have the feature to stream into RTSP format. If you have Blackberry phone,  follow the steps
  2. Connect you blackberry to your home wifi
  3. Open Blackberry browser and open this address rtsp://< your wowza ip adress>:1935/live/myStream ( in my case is rtsp:// )
  4. Well you’ll get error. On Adobe FMLE, use this setting ( see image below )
  5. Video : H264 ( BASELINE 3.0 Keyframe Frequency : 2 secs )
  6. Turn off the Audio and click start ( Blackberry does not accept MP3 or Nellymoser Coder, so just for testing , turn the Audio  Off )
  7. Open rtsp://<your wowza ip address>:1935/live/myStream on your Blackberry, and you should see the video playing. User port 1935 as BlackBerry will use that port to stream the RTSP.
  8. The video plays smoothly on my Blackberry Bold9700. Now the only problem is Audio. To solve this problem, we either can use these solutions
  9. Change the encoder to Telestream Wirecast ( )
  10. or
  11. Use MainConcept AAC Plugin for Adobe FMLE 3.2 ( )
  12. Wirecast will cost you USD450.00 and Mainconcept AAC is USD200. In my case, I use my Mac Book Pro and Adobe FMLE 3.2 for MAC  already comes with AAC.
  13. In this example, download MainConcept AAC Plugin ( it only works for 10 secs in trial mode ). Restart Adobe FMLE and check the format in Audio setting
  14. Use the AAC or HEAAC for audio format and test the stream again on your BlackBerry. You should be able to hear the sound.
Video Capture Card
  1. Now the interesting part, to capture the video from your setup box,  ( in my case Astro Beyond Decoder ).
  2. I use K- World USB 2.0 DVD Maker 2 Capture ( priced MYR 150.00 at )
  3. K-World USB 2.0 Capture Device
  4. Mac Book Pro encoding
  5. In Adobe FMLE Video Source, change to the USB device and now you’re streaming TV to your mobile.
  7. Now I can watch TV anytime anywhere provided I know my Home server IP Address. Please note that Wowza Media Server 2 Trial Edition only limits 10 concurrent connections. So in my case that’s more than enough as I only stream 1 channel.
About The Author
I am web developer for 10 years focusing in CakePHP Framework and Ruby On Rails.  Already developed and integrated CakePHP + Wowza combo for secure VOD, secure LiveStreaming, Single Sign On for Publisher. I have 2 years knowledge on Wowza and Adobe FMS. For flash player development, I prefer JwPlayer and Flowplayer. For CDN solutions, I’ve been working with Akamai ( FLash HD ) and Amazon EC2 for Wowza .
Contact me at : azril.nazli [at] live streaming demo

I went to meet local celebrities last night, Nas Ahmad ( Terjah TV3 ),  Dato Shafik, En Halem and demo the iPhone as camera source and the feed received by multi platform ( PC, Macbook, Blackberry and iPad ). My friend was streaming somewhere in Ampang using iPhone 4 via 3G network and the feed sent to the Wowza server in datacenter. The feed then broadcasted to Ipad using Maxis 3G

Testing Secure VOD using Wowza

We put a test URL and begin our testing over here locally ( Malaysia ). So far the video can’t be downloaded . Well more testing is coming.

Test Discussion :

Wowza Geo Blocking Add On Module

Say you want to limit your stream to certain country, you might need

Testing Wowza VOD Media Security :: To protect VOD contents

I have a requirement from my client where they want a system that can protect their VOD from :

  • Content Leech
  • Illegal Downloading
  • Swf Stealing
And Wowza already have add-on to combat such problem. So I spent my precious early morning hour to setup my Wowza with
Sample of Application.xml inside conf/secure/application.xml,note the secureTokenSharedSecret value
RebuildingJW Player  SWF Player using Apache Ant, Flex SDK to add Security Token and where to put secureTokenSharedSecret value in the Player
Testing Time
Restart Wowza and now turn yourself into bad guys
Trying to use RTMPDUMP to steal the protected video
Trying to play the RTMPE stream in locally hosted JW Player ( to demonstrate Hotlink Denial Module which states only SWF hosted in my domain are allowed to play the video )
Trying to play stream using unauthorized SWF player  to demonstrate Media Security Add On which state only player with correct ShareTokenSecret ar able to play the video
The JWPlayer Embed Code
Testing with Jacksta Movie Stream Downloader ( failed )
Protecting the stream is impossible because there will be another way to steal it, like campture the screen using Cam2Asia, but we can make them harder to steal our precious contents.

Broadcast from Iphone to Wowza

Imagine concept but using your infra. Broadcast from your iPhone

Streaming from iPhone using LivU App and stream displayed using FlowPlayer

The App :

and here’s the developer