FVSS: New streaming business model

Yesterday I met a client in Cyberjaya. They involved in online TV business and use flash video streaming service located in US. The service also includes CDN for the video delivery. And they wanted to shift their operation locally and boom. They are no active player locally.
The client already have a functional tv studio, powered by Macs. And what they expect for a professional service is

– primary flash media server where they can publish the video
– secondary flash media server for backup stream
– CDN ready
– reporting system for transfered bandwidth, stream report
– reporting for used space for on server recorded event
– swf verification support
– secure streaming for vod

With the advanced techology found in today’s mobile phone, video streaming to mobile device is possible and we can even send video feed from mobile phone . Imagine the business possibilities
– live video feed for events
– broadcasting from and to mobile

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Livestreaming to Mobile using MacBookPro and Adobe FMLE 3.2

For mobile, they have strict requirements for streaming video

  •  H264 Video Baseline 3 + 2 secs Keyframe Frequencey
  •  AAC Audio



Day 1 : Beginning CakePHP @ JPN Putrajaya

  • 1o students
  • Beginning CakePHP
  • JPN Putrajaya
  • 9.30am – 5.30pm with 3 breaks
On day 1 we are able to cover these topics
  • Introduction to CakePHP
  • Configuring WAMP / Notepad++ / CakePHP 1.3.10
  • Development Database, introduction to MySQL
  • Scaffolding from beginner to advanced 
  • Model
  • Controller
  • Views
  • Custom controller
  • Add / Edit / Index
  • Some HTML and CSS to spice up the layout

Mac Book Pro 13″

Well after years of developing on Linux/Windows, now it’s time for me to join the crowd. I just bought the standard Mac Book Pro i5 with 4GB of RAM and 320 GB of HDD space. Should be sufficient enough for Web Development and Stream too.

Day 1 of ownership, I took first few hours to get used with her. Next few hours was spent with installing Ruby On Rails version 3.0.8

Preparations for CakePHP 1.3 Training

Our 2nd CakePHP Training with JPN Putrajaya is coming. We’ve already prepared the kits and the materials.

Testing livestreaming on iPhone & Blackberry

Using Adobe FMLE with built in H264 video encoder makes livestream to iOS via Wowza Media Server is a breeza. But when you turn audio on, and disaster will come. Iphone / Ipad requires audio encoded in AAC or HE-AAC codec and Adobe FMLE don’t shipped with those codecs. You have to buy the codec for USD180 from MainConcept ( http://www.mainconcept.com/products/apps-plug-ins/plug-ins-for-adobe/aac-encoder.html ) and You’ll need 30 days Evaluation Wowza Server ( http://www.wowzamedia.com/eval.php ) to test the stream on iOS.

ps3 :: red dead redmption

This is my latest addition to gaming.