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iBuntu is a Malaysian based company and at this time of writing, we have gathered a small talented people working with us

Buntu in Bahasa Melayu means, null or stuck. iBuntu means I Stuck and we will solve your problems whatever it takes 😀


Most of us started working as freelancers and most of them are driven by passion. Our learning resources will be Google and Message Boards, but experiences gathered while dealing with customers that really matters. The customers is always right and we are bound to that. In early stage, we only focused on Web Design and static pages. Then we moved to Dynamic Web Development together with Server Administration and Managing Client’s Server at Datacenter. We also writes tutorials and howtos in our blogs and from there we ventured into new realm, training. Since 2009, we exclusively train people and organization on our programming speciality, Web Development with CakePHP Framework . And since 2010, our team have focused to new technology ( also driven by passion and curiousity ) which is Web Streaming on Desktop and Mobile. We’ve deployed a few streaming servers w/o CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) for Live Streaming and also Video On Demand.

Web Development

Started using PHP/MySQL and now we are focusing to CakePHP Framework as our primary tool while doing web development. And some of us already showing some love to Ruby On Rails. For UI our expertise ranging from HTML,JqueryUI and to Sencha. And not only doing Web Development, we manage servers too. Let it for handling large traffic, or intensive MySQL Database or for HA Setup.

Our Web Development Services :

  • Corporate Portal
  • Log Reporting & Parser
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Made Web Based Application
  • Google Map based Application

Mobile Application

We are quite new in this field, but we’ve already developed some native apps running on Symbian OS. Since we are yet to embrace the new technology, we are focusing on Web Based App Application and use Sencha UI / JQ Touch to interact with iOS,Android and other smart phones.


From giving free tutorials and howtos on web discussion and blogs, we’ve been recognized by the masses and we ventured in Web Development Training. Our focus only what we are best at, CakePHP Framework.  Government agencies and private IT companies hired us to train their staff moving from PHP/MySQL combo into more sophisticated CakePHP Framework. So far we really enjoy this business nature since thet involves teaching  sharing new things. For this purposes, our CakePHP trainer written some books dedicated for CakePHP Web Application Development. Not only limited to CakePHP, our training list are growing by day.

  • PHP / MySql ( Basic & Advanced )
  • Drupal ( Basic & Advanced )
  • Flash Animation  ( Basic )
  • Web Based Mobile Application ( Basic )
  • Flash Streaming using Wowza & FMS ( Intermediate )

If you require a special training which are not listed above, write to us.


Inspired by Justin.TV,Ustream, StreamGuys and lot more, we have decided to kill our time whenever possible to master this technology. We’ve been in this business since early 2000 using Microsoft Windows Media encoder and Media Server. But for our new ventures, we’ve chosen technology offered by Wowza Media Server and built our application on top of them.

Our services in this area :

  • Video On Demand using RTMP / RTSP
  • Live Streaming to Desktop and Mobile
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Event based live streaming solution
  • Internet TV solutions for Desktop and Mobile

For Mobile streaming, it is quite challenging but we managed it.  For iOS ( Iphone, Ipad ) our solutions is to stream using Apple HTTP Live Streaming technology. For Android & Symbian we’ve tested out with RTSP and Flash and it worked out. we also have solution where you can stream the video live from iPhone and restream it back and even recorded it on server side. Something like Qik.com


If your company looking for Technology Partner, perhaps you can hire us too. Say if you want to start a local Internet TV company and you’ll need all the knowledge resources ranging from encoders,web development, internet marketing, reporting. And we are here driven by passion and perfection to help you out.

Working With Us

We will use best technology for communications

  • Skype / Yahoo Messenger for instant commmunication
  • Email for work progess and reporting ( we’d prefer Gmail )
  • Team Viewer , SSH, or Remote Desktop for managing
  •  GIT  or  Github account for Source Codes
  •  On site meetings, presentations and supports
  •  Facebook / Twitter

Feels free to contact us 😀

iBuntu Resources
Sepang, Selangor

Live stream from Iphone to PC using Flash H264 RTMP Technology


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