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Live Streaming Control Panel

Our Live StreamingControl  is now on Beta Testing. Have a look at


Streaming to Mobile

Nowadays, people spend more time on Mobile rather than on Desktop PC. And streaming video to mobile is not easy at it seems.

Major Players

  • Iphone / Ipad ( iOS )
  • Android OS
  • Symbian OS
  • Windows Mobile

Iphone / Ipad devices have its own protocol to deliver video , Http Live Streaming ( HLS ). So you’ll need a server that capable to deliver such stream. Using Wowza Media Server 2, we are able to stream live video to iOS devices.


Choosing the right codecs for mobile is important since mobile devices quite picky about video and audio codecs.

  • Video Codec : H264 Base 3 or lower
  • Audio Codec : AAC 48k hz
  • Domension : 320 px X 240 px

Adobe FMLE

This is our default encoder and already came with H264 video codec but lack with AAC Audio codec, which is required to deliver audio to leading smart phone ( iOS  & Android ). The AAC Codec is available as plugin, priced at USD180.00

Wowza Media Server

Using Adobe FMLE streaming to Wowza, the stream is in RTMP Format. Wowza will do the hard job to be able stream in Apple HTTP Live format or RTSP. So, from a single RTMP stream from encoder, we are able to output into several stream

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