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Broadcast from Iphone to Wowza

Imagine concept but using your infra. Broadcast from your iPhone

Streaming from iPhone using LivU App and stream displayed using FlowPlayer

The App :

and here’s the developer


FVSS: New streaming business model

Yesterday I met a client in Cyberjaya. They involved in online TV business and use flash video streaming service located in US. The service also includes CDN for the video delivery. And they wanted to shift their operation locally and boom. They are no active player locally.
The client already have a functional tv studio, powered by Macs. And what they expect for a professional service is

– primary flash media server where they can publish the video
– secondary flash media server for backup stream
– CDN ready
– reporting system for transfered bandwidth, stream report
– reporting for used space for on server recorded event
– swf verification support
– secure streaming for vod

With the advanced techology found in today’s mobile phone, video streaming to mobile device is possible and we can even send video feed from mobile phone . Imagine the business possibilities
– live video feed for events
– broadcasting from and to mobile

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ps3 :: red dead redmption

This is my latest addition to gaming.