iBuntu Streamer Project

iBuntu Streamer Project is a Live Streaming and VOD project  with these features in mind :

  • Registered users can live stream to the server and displayed it back using Flash Video
  • Live Stream can be recorded on server side
  • Embed code for live stream and recorded video
  • Each user will have they own application path eg /<server ip>/users/<username>/live/<stream name>
  • User will have montly bandwidth usage
  • User will have monthly space usage
  • Output to PC/DESKTOP, RTSP with authentication,
  • Output to Smart Phones ( iOS, Android, Windows Mobile )
  • Stream from PC/Desktop
  • Stream from Mobile Phone ( iPhone tested )

The limitations of this project are :

  • Costly bandwidth price , a 1MB dedicated access only can cater for 4 concurrent streams.
  • Costly hardwares
  • Costly software prices that this project required

Yet we’ve already developed a working prototype application for this and it’s functioning.  The challenges while doing this app

  • To sync Wowza user database with CakePHP . This is for publisher username  password.
  • To control the application path
  • Protect the content by enabling SWF Verification
  • Thumbnail generation in JPG/PNG from published stream
  • Have to learn Java to develop the custom modules
  • Output to several mobile phones with different stream formats

The project goals

  • Malaysian made LiveStream Portal
  • Generating revenue from Banner Ads
  • Generating revenue from Video Player Ad
  • Paid plans for higher quality video, on server recording

The POC is ready to test, email us for test request at support@iiiBuntu.com



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